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Taiwan MJC provides diversified testing solutions
MJC provides diversified solutions to help improve the quality and productivity of semiconductor design and manufacturing, from probe card, tester and wafer prober for semiconductor wafer testing to test sockets for final testing.

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    IC* chips(semicondoctors) are primarily manufactured on ultra-high purity.

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    Wafer process

    Wafer process

    A circuit pattern is printed on the wafer and a fine electronic circuit is formed by injecting ions.

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    Wafer testing

    Wafer testing

    Semiconductor devices on wafers are tested for electric properties.

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    Assembly process

    Assembly process

    The IC chips are cut from the wafer ever, few millimeters and encapsuleted in a package using a resin mold.

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    Final inspection

    Final inspection

    The completed IC chip receives a rigorous inspection for performance and reliability using a test socket.

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  • Probe Card

    The probe card is the key interface equipment to determine the measurement reliability of semiconductor wafer, as the semiconductor wafer process will continue to develop towards higher density, higher speed and higher efficiency.
  • Wafer Prober

    In semiconductor development, wafer probe is mainly used for IC characteristic evaluation, reliability evaluation and defect analysis in wafer manufacturing process. It carries out high-precision measurement and evaluation of test element group (TEG), including process characteristics and electrical verification.
  • Tester

    A semiconductor tester is a system used to provide an electrical signal to a semiconductor IC to compare the output signal with the expected value, and to confirm whether the IC is working as specified in its design specifications.
  • Test Socket

    MJC provides two types of Test Socket, which will be manufactured to best meet the specifications of your test environment.
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