Test Socket



Technical Column


  • What is BeeContacts?

    BeeContacts is a series of spring probe-type contact terminals developed by MJC.

  • What is J-Contacts?

    The J-Contacts series offers test sockets with contact terminals of the unique rigid type (integrated type) using elastomer (silicon rubber), as opposed to the leaf spring type often used for burn-in sockets. Therefore, J-Contacts features shorter contact terminals than conventional the leaf spring type and superior electrical characteristics, particularly high frequency characteristics.

  • What is a package probe (test socket)?

    There are two important tests in semiconductor manufacturing. One is the wafer test during the wafer process, in which electrical characteristics of chips are tested before dicing a wafer into many pieces of semiconductor (called dies or chips). The other is the final test during the assembly and testing process, which is conducted after packaging the diced chips.

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